Welcome to our online store for PARAMOUNT 80s Rock Night Merchandise! While it is easier to get our merch when you attend one of our shows (and we'll sign it for you, too!), we understand that isn't always possible.. and maybe you want us to ship a gift to a friend or family member!

Shipping: Our shipments do take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive on average. Our shipping & handling prices are tiered based upon the total of your order: $10 or less = $5.95 S&H; $10.01 to $50 = $7.95 S&H; $50.01 to $100 = $9.95 S&H; $100.01 to $150 = $12.95 S&H; Over $150 = $14.95 S&H. If you have an excessively large order, we may have to contact you to approve additional shipping & handling charges. Our site is geared towards orders of $200 or less. 

We do our best to keep our inventory and online offerings up-to-date. However, if we are out of something you have ordered, we will contact you ASAP and issue a refund. 

And remember, you can contact us any time! Thanks for shopping our site!