About The Band Members

Eddie Light - Vocals.
Eddie has an amazing voice and stage presence that captivates an audience, and he has that undefinable mojo that brings smiles and crowd participation. He sings all the 80s hits effortlessly and excels at getting the audience to sing with him! Eddie really shines on some of the biggest 80s hits by Journey and who can resist having a great time to songs like "Any Way You Want It" and "Don't Stop Believin'!
Brent Normandin - Bass, Backing Vocals.
Brent not only holds down the low notes for the band and keeps the groove movin', he also has an amazing vocal range and the ability to hit those high harmonies that 80s bands were known for! Brent and his bass are the "THUNDER" of Paramount!

Nevin Truan - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals.

Nevin has all the skills needed to play some shredding 80s guitar riffs and fantastic solos throughout the night. While Nevin did not grow up with 80s music (heck he wasn’t even born yet), he is a true throwback and rare find in the upcoming generation of guitar players. Nevin brings the extra energy and the young Lief style (when Lief was cool- don’t do drugs kids) to the crew. Look for Nevin to shred at every event with PARAMOUNT!